“Chris has undoubtedly helped my game rise to new levels, his workouts are intense, and he pushes me harder than I believed I could push myself. But as far as our relationship, basketball is secondary. Our relationship has transcended the game and he has become much more than a basketball instructor. He has become like an older brother to me and someone that I look up to with the utmost respect. He has helped me to fix problems in my game, but more importantly has helped me with problems in my life and for that I am so grateful. I am sure that after my basketball career is over, Chris will still be like family.”

– Division 1 Basketball Player

“Chris emphasizes the “work” in a workout, accepting from his students nothing less than 100% effort and full concentration without a moment’s distraction.  The intensity that drove Chris to the NBA is visible as he trains others aspiring to play at the highest levels, with a passion for basketball excellence at least matching that of his students.  That alone is worth the price of admission, as students will learn how to push themselves, on their own, to give maximum effort during workouts, and in games.

Chris also has shown that understands the importance of creating and nurturing relationships with his basketball students, enabling a positive response to the passion, work ethic, 100% effort and perfect execution that Chris demands.  My son drives an hour each day to work with Chris (with an hour return trip) because he learns something new every day during the workouts.  They also have established a great relationship, enhancing these daily workouts for both of them.

Already, many college coaches interested in my son have seen his game achieve new power, dimension and maturity, far earlier than expected.  Those changes in his game already have proven beneficial to his teammates and distressing to opponents, and he owes much of that to Chris (in addition to his own hard work and effort).”

–  Greater Boston Attorney

“Chris Herren helps you realize your dreams. As a player, Chris has been touched by some of basketball’s greatest minds and motivators. He maximized his own God given abilities with an unmatched work ethic paving the way to the NBA. Chris is now taking his intense love and understanding of the game to help players become the best that they can be.

As an instructor, Chris has the ability and the skill set to motivate and teach at a very high level. He drills with the purpose of making the player game ready. He brings a sincere energy and enthusiasm to every workout. I have witnessed Chris achieve a strong personal bond and connection with every one of the players that he has trained making it a true team effort.

Currently, Chris is working with my son and I have already seen a dramatic difference in his play. His coaches have also positively commented on his development and I can’t wait to see how far that Chris can help take him. I’d recommend Chris’s workouts to players of any level that are serious and committed to becoming better.”

–  Former College Coach & European League Professional Player

“My wife and I took a leap of faith and traveled with our 7-year-old son from Chicago to Rhode Island for a week of individual training with Chris Herren. Approximately 9 months prior I had stumbled upon Chris’ website and completed a “Player Development Profile” on a whim. Chris followed up with me right away and a few days later we had a 15-minute phone conversation, and from the moment I hung up the phone plans for a trip out East were in the works.

George has had a fondness for the sport of basketball since he was in diapers, and my gut instinct was telling me that this would offer him a far more valuable experience than he had previously received at a Big Ten university, which really amounted to little more than a glorified babysitting service. Thankfully, my instincts led me in the right direction because our week with Chris was one of the more memorable experiences that our family has had.

It goes without saying that Chris is as knowledgeable as anyone about the sport of basketball, but his basketball IQ comes secondary to the natural gift that he has for working with children. I work as a School Psychologist for the Chicago Public Schools, and I haven’t come across many (if any) adults who have the ability to make such an immediate connection and positive impact on a child. Chris treated George as if he were his own son and worked with him with the same level of passion. In turn, George’s skills and confidence grew dramatically in the short time that we were there, but what has been truly amazing are the long-term gains that he has shown since.

I would strongly recommend Chris to anyone who has a son or daughter with an interest in the sport of basketball. Our only regret is that we don’t live closer…”

– A Hoops Family, Chicago, IL