Unguarded: A Conversation with Chris Herren
This program format has been designed for school assemblies and community groups, with the focus of relating Chris’s story to school-aged audiences nationwide. Following a DVD highlighting Chris’s basketball career and journey to sobriety, Chris will touch on such topics as drunk driving, gateway drugs, peer pressure, bullying and cutting. Additionally Chris will share statistics of drug and alcohol use amongst teens nationwide. To conclude the event Chris will field questions from the audience.

Rebound: The Chris Herren Story
In this very personal presentation, Chris will share his story in a brutally honest format with just a microphone. The event will start with a 5 minute DVD introducing Chris Herren and showing highlights of his basketball career and his dream to play in the NBA which began to unravel by making a few bad decisions. From growing up in Fall River, MA to playing Division 1 basketball and in the NBA, he will take the audience on his journey from addiction to sobriety. Additionally, he will relate his story to the audience addressing themes of gateway drugs, prescription drug abuse, drinking and driving as well as self harm. To conclude the event Chris will field questions from the audience.

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After securing your presentation, The Hoop Dreams with Chris Herren team will send you the Introductory and/or Workshop DVD in addition to a Tool Kit to assist you in preparing for the presentation. The Herren Project, Chris Herren’s 501c3 non-profit organization, developed the comprehensive Tool Kit for your review and utilization. The intent of the tool kit is to assist the community in preparing for the presentation content as well as the student response, providing suggested resources for classroom follow-up and student disclosure. Additionally, the Tool Kit provides additional information on The Herren Project’s Project Purple initiative should you wish to learn more.

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